Install Block Lockdown Security for Windows

This application will allow you to password-protect the installation of programs
Install-Block is a tool that is meant to help you protect, password protect the installation of new programs.

Prevent users of your computer from installing unwanted software which may potentially contain spyware or adware.

Install-Block also allows you to block any window you want, including the Control Panel, Recycle Bin, or Internet Explorer.

Here are some key features of “Install Block”:

· Prevent users from installing, or un-installing, any program
· Prevent users from accessing the Start Menu, Task Manager, Control Panel applets, Internet Options, and other Windows features. Install-Block can also disable logging off or shutting down of the system.
· Prevent children from using instant messaging programs, file-sharing programs, MySpace, or other content you find unsuitable
· Prevent employees from playing games such as Solitaire
· Disable the entire web browser, or choose to only stop internet downloads
· Password-protect nearly any program or window you choose
· Administrators can remotely grant or deny access to a blocked program on a networked user’s machine
· Administer all of your systems with ease, changing settings on all networked computers
· Encrypt files using Blowfish technology
· Ability to specify a list of programs/windows to allow, with access to all others being denied
· Ability to have the program launch at system start only if the user logging into Windows matches a list of users that you create
· Compatible with Windows Vista
· Much more powerful and easier to manage than Windows’ Group Policy Editor


· Some options are not available
· Nag screen

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Corrected a problem in which setup programs may not be successfully terminated when a password is not supplied. The setup app would remain unreachable by the user, however the executable could stay loaded in the background, consuming resources

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