Integard Professional Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

An award winning internet filter for work, schools and libraries
Integard Professional is a complex application which will help you monitor and control internet usage in your organization resulting in increased productivity saving time and money. Flexible deployment options allow Integard to be installed on a server or the desktop.

Today, more than ever before, children need protection from the dangers present on the internet. Integard provides all the features you need to protect your children on the internet.
Here are some key features of “Integard Professional”:

Blocks pornography:
· Stops pornography from ever appearing in web-pages, search results

Protects against internet predators:
· Blocks inappropriate words and phrases in chat sessions and email.
· Alerts the parent/guardian of any suspicious conversations or other suspicious activities

Protects your privacy:
· Integard is not server based which means it does not check with a server for each web page visited.
· Integard does all its filtering on your PC which also makes it fast.

Personal information blocking:
· Blocks the sending of all personal information out via chat programs, email and web forms

Remote monitoring:
· See what your kids are up to from the next room, or across town at your office.

Safe searching:
· Forces popular search engines into their safe search mode, which restricts search results. This is in addition to Integard’s automatic filtering and blocking.

Email/Chat Blocking:
· Blocks inappropriate words and phrases from appearing in chat conversations.

Safe-List Only Surfing:
· Integard can be configured to be a safe-list only blocker. Internet usage is limited to only the safe sites you specify. Gives you total control.

Tamper proof:
· Integard actively prevents children from removing or stopping it.

Data Limiting:
· Limit the total amount of data downloaded from the internet.

Time Limiting:
· Limit the time of day and number of hours that your children are using the internet.

Blocks P2P Usage:
· Blocks children from running peer-to-peer file-sharing programs such as Bit Torrent and Emule.

Configurable blocking:
· Integard is suitable for all ages. You can configure it to suit a specific age group, and you can add sites and keywords to blocked-list.

Email notification:
· Can notify the parent/guardian via email of inappropriate internet activity


· Internet connection: any type, including ADSL, cable or dial-up
· Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 5, 6 and 7, Opera 8, 9 or Firefox
· 64 Mb RAM minimum
· 10 Mb minimum hard-disk space
· CPU: Pentium II or newer


· 30 days trial

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