Internet Lock Lockdown Security for Windows

An access control and password protection software for your Internet and intranet connections
Password protect Internet Explorer? Password Protect Firefox? Password Protect Netscape? Password Protect Outlook? Password protect any internet connection. You can use Internet Lock to password protect the internet access. You also can use Internet Lock to deny access to any TCP port, or prevent any program from accessing internet.

Internet Lock is an access control and password protection software for your Internet and intranet connections, it can deny or password protect any program to access the Internet/intranet on any TCP/IP port. Internet Lock works with the “RULES” mode: you can add one or more rules to the software to control its works. A rule normally has such format: [Allow/Deny/Password Protect] [Program] on [Port].

Internet Lock allows users to fully control the access to the internet for each program and each port, it also supports schedule feature.
For example: the most use rule [Password Protect] [Any Program] on Port [80] will password protect all the web browsers included Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, MyIE2 etc. This is because that all the web browsers will use port 80 to access internet.

Internet Lock provides the way to protect port range, you can use the new rule format “[Allow/Deny/Password Protect] [Program] on [Start Port] to [End Port]” to let the rule to protect all the ports in the range of the start port and end port.

· 10 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· IP/Domains
· Internet Lock now supports to assign IP addresses and domains to rules. You can use this new feature to protect certain web sites.
· Internet Time
· You can let Internet Lock use internet time for schedule options. With this new feature, users will not be able to bypass the schedule enabled rules by changing the system time.
· Close Blocked Programs
· With this new feature enabled, Internet Lock can automatically close the blocked programs.

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