Internet Security Manager Security Related Security for Windows

Customize different features of Internet Explorer and increase your security
Internet Security Manager is an utility for customizing different features of the Internet Explorer Web browser. It prevents others from editing your Favorites, offering password control and time control options.

Other settings let you change the title caption, toolbar background, and animated icon; change default folders; and replace standard error information pages, etc. It has an excellent feature to avoid annoying popup-windows from ever being displayed.

Internet Security Manager has the “Password control” and “Time control” options, which enable you to flexible manage disallowed sites.You can disable individual menu items and individual tabs in the Internet Options dialog, and also specific settings from each tab.

If a user leaves a page up on IE Browser and then is away from the computer for some time, you can make the browser to go back to the default page after a certain time of the user inactivity.

Multiuser and password protection are also offered. This is great for managing network machines and the import/export functions let you store program settings in an external file. It’s a great assistant for fine tuning the security options of Internet Explorer browser.


·Internet Explorer Browser version 5.5 or higher
·Software for install is required: any zip-archive extractor like WinZip.

Hardware Requirements:
·486 CPU or higher
·16 Mb of RAM or more
·2 MB free disk space
·VGA Video


· 30 days trial

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