iolo Personal Firewall Firewall Security for Windows

A very useful firewall that blocks unwanted communication to and from your PC
iolo Personal Firewall is a useful tool that blocks all unwanted communication to and from your PC, keeping your private information safe from hackers, cyber-criminals, and identity thieves.

The proprietary IntelliDefense system takes out the guesswork normally associated with firewalls by using a comprehensive database to automatically decide which programs are safe and which are not.

Now you can securely work or play without the hassle of being constantly prompted to monitor your PC’s traffic.

IntelliDefense eliminates frustrating guesswork
The IntelliDefense proprietary database holds thousands of detailed program profiles and classifications that:
· Allows the firewall to take the guesswork and constant prompts normally associated with Internet security by automatically permitting communication from safe and trusted programs, and blocking communication from unsafe programs.
· Allows you to get comprehensive information about suspicious programs attempting to communicate to or from your PC so you always know what is coming in or out, and why.

Advanced zone-based security
An intuitive interface lets you quickly set up varying communication security levels, designate certain computers and Web sites as “trusted”, block or allow access for specific applications, and much more.

Ultra-secure program policies
· Prevents sneaky malware, spyware, or viruses from tampering with firewall programs or policies ? a common method used to bypass firewall security.
· Ensures only the programs you trust are permitted to communicate to and from your PC.

Protection from program hijacking
· Blocks hackers from using new methods that can bypass most firewalls where illegitimate “zombie” or “slave” programs are used to gain communication access.
· Prevents sophisticated malware from secretly invading your PC to spread worms, viruses, and other dangerous programs.

Stealth mode
Makes your PC invisible to hackers, spyware, and other threats seeking to break in and cause damage.

Here are some key features of “iolo Personal Firewall”:

· West Coast Labs Checkmark-Certified firewall protection
· Industry-certified firewall protection
· Proprietary IntelliDefense eliminates frustrating prompts using automatic program classification technology
· Always-on protection that runs transparently in the background
· Hassle-free setup protects your PC from the moment of installation
· Stealth mode makes your PC invisible to hackers
· Does not interfere with full-screen games or other software
· Intuitive interface makes protecting your PC easy
· Extremely efficient technology does not slow your system down
· Unlimited email, phone, and web support


· CD or DVD drive (for CD installation)
· 256 MB of RAM
· 10 MB of available hard disk space
· Internet Explorer 6.0 or later


· 30 days trial

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