iSpyNOW Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

iSpyNOW is the first remote install Computer Monitoring product offered anywhere
iSpyNOW is the critically acclaimed, award winning remotely deployable computer monitoring application.

iSpyNOW is first of its kind – offering users the ability to remotely monitor a machine via a web interface without ever having physical access to that PC.

iSpyNOW now sets a standard in the remote monitoring and surveillance market.

Here are some key features of “iSpyNOW”:

· Internet Conversation Logging
· Disk Activity Logging
· Window Activity Logging
· Application Activity Logging
· Printed Documents Logging
· Keystroke Monitoring
· Websites Activity Logging
· Individual User Monitoring
· Online iSpyNOW Module Creation
· Intuitive Log Viewing
· Remote Log Removal
· Remote Uninstall
· Realtime Log Searching
· Startup Alert
· Unbeatable Stealth Capabilities
· Cloaking Ability
· Password Protection
· Secure Control Panel
· Tray Companion Software
· Custom Account Creation
· Unlimited Remote Access
· Remotely Deployable

iSpyNOW will record and deliver all recorded data to your control panel regardless of whether the remote pc is behind a router or firewall configuration. All logs will be delivered secretly undetected by the remote user.

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