Jitbit Macro Recorder Lite Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Record keyboard and mouse actions for later use
Jitbit Macro Recorder LITE is a low cost automation solution to record and play mouse clicks, mouse movements and keyboard strokes.

Macro Recorder LITE is quick to configure, very easy and is great value for money. Download now and start automating your tasks in seconds.

Unlike its big brother (Macro Recorder) the LITE version is an “express edition”, which has has no visual macro editor, no EXE-compiler, no custom commands and conditions, no playback speed adjustment.

Choose the LITE version of our Macro Recorder if you do not need expert features like debug functionality, “spy-mode” recording and append-mode recording. All other key features are present, including the hotkey manager.

It is a simple and low cost mouse and key record/save/play system. Yet Macro Recorder Lite features full windows shell integration, scheduling and the same powerful record/playback engine as the main edition.


Features missing from Lite version :
? Advanced macro editor
? Custom scripting commands (“open file”, “launch program”, “shutdown computer”, “show message”, “close window” and MANY others)
? EXE-compiler
? IF-THEN conditional statements
? GOTO commands
? Speed macro playback
? “Breakpoints” and many other debugging options
? Import/export
? Clipboard support

· 28 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Macro Recorder’s “WAIT FOR WINDOW” and “IF WINDOWS EXISTS” commands now accept asterisks and question marks as wildcards in window names
· New menu command – “Edit macro in Notepad”
· Improved window positioning

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