Jkain Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

You can use this application when you want to crack a password wihin several seconds.
Jkain is an extremely fast MD5-“cracker” written in Java, it can crack the hash of the password Fgpyyih804423 in just one second and has a average cracking speed of 4-5 hashes per second. This application will prove a success ratio about 3/4 on ?common? DB dumps from websites.


· Java 1.6.0+


· It will only load 50 of the hashes in the file

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· New GUI
· SHA-1 support, Hasher tool
· Tray icon with menu and rewrite of core components. Faster, better and easier than ever!

See Demo – Download – Visit Author Site

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