Katana Firewall Security for Windows

Katana is an integrated VPN, firewall, and IDS solution for stand-alone machines
Katana is an optimal security solution for desktops and laptops that, for the first time, integrates VPN client, firewall, and IDS/IPS solutions. The integrated firewall controls inbound and outbound network access and prevents unauthorized access, the IDS/IPS controls application network access and protects the machine from worms and Trojans, and the VPN client enables the user to connect to Katana/OmniVPN gateways and other third party VPN gateways. Multiple VPN tunnels can be activated simultaneously and asymmetric filtering can be applied to VPN tunnel traffic.

When the VPN is not connected, Katana automatically detects when the user connects to a new subnet and prompts for a security policy. The default policy is not to trust the subnet, thereby preventing hostile machines on that subnet from connecting to and exploiting your machine.

Katana also incorporates a patent-pending method for detecting Trojans. Trojans are detected based on network access conflicts. This will catch and prevent almost every Trojan that exists. Because it is a behavior-based approach for detecting Trojans, this method is effective against both existing Trojans and any new Trojans that may be developed in the future.

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