KDT Password Protect Files Encrypting Security for Windows

Instantly secure your PC by password-protecting important files and directories
KDT Password Protect Files is a small but very useful application which helps users to protect files and directories from the click of a mouse.

Not only does the program have the ability to encrypt files/direcories, but it also provides the user with an option to hide files/directories complettely from the desktop, in addition to having an ability to create a simple archive of files.

The application is fully password operated, meaning that files are 100% secure at all times. Without the password, there is no access to the file or directory. – To password protect a file and/or directory, simply highlight the neccesery document and click ‘encrypt.’

Here are some key features of “KDT Password Protect Files”:

· Enjoy the use of the clean, easy-to-use interface.
· Easily secure both single files and large directoies via password-protection.
· Hide both Files and Directories from the desktop.
· Have simple access to the file archive.
· Restore files/directories from a click of a mouse.


· Open, Close features disabled
· Nag screen
· Cannot make batch encryption

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