Keyparc Encrypting Security for Windows

Keyparc is a software protecting privacy of your secret files.
Keyparc is a software that allow you to protect the privacy of your secret files.

Keyparc works on most computers – Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Keyparc enables you to work with your secret files as-if they are in plain. You do not need to change your current workflow nor learn to use it.

Access your sensitive files in Keyparc drive as-if it is a normal drive. Keyparc secures all file types and supports all languages. Keyparc protected files are portable amongst platforms.

Keyparc encryption keys are never stored with your sensitive files. They are retrieved from Keyparc server on-demand. Your keys are safely parked at Keyparc server and delivered to you only when you sign on successfully

Here are some key features of “Keyparc”:

Secret file protection
· Simply save your secret files into Keyparc drive. Keyparc encrypts them under the covers and stores to your hard drive(s).
Supports all applications and file types
· Keyparc drive is normal storage space your applications can work on with directly. Migrate your sensitive documents and spreadsheets to Keyparc drive today.
· Regardless it is text file or image file, Keyparc protects.
Platform portable
· Keyparc protected files are platform portable which means a Keyparc protected spreadsheet file created in Windows can be opened in other platforms like Mac OS X or Linux.
Rich encryption cipher algorithm
· Industry proven encryption cipher algorithms including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), NTT/Mitsubishi Camellia and 3DES (Data Encryption Standard), etc are available in Keyparc suiting your security needs.

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