KPKFile Encrypting Security for Windows

KPKFile Pro – A complete suite of privacy management tools for Windows platforms
KPKFile Pro is a complete suite of encryption applications for Windows platforms.

KPKFile Pro is latest release of famous time-honored suite of tools for Windows platforms (Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP) that help you keeping your privacy encrypting and hiding your sensitive files.

It also offers the option of burying the encrypted files within another still working above suspicion file, such as a Microsoft Word document or a bitmap image. Moreover, KPKFile Pro creates secret folders on your disk drive that’s impossible to access without the proper password.

The program can also wipe hard disk content by multiple data changing to make useless file undeletion. Besides, KPKFile Pro manages an encrypted database of passwords and related data, and comes with a free new tool allowing you to encode credit card data in a simple and safe way too.

Eventually, the program can perform automatic clearing of Internet Explorer History (IE typed urls), recent documents menu (recent docs list), and items in the run command history (run MRU list).


KPKFile Pro has imposed a new standard in professional encryption software, because it uses powerful military grade encryption coupled with ease and speed. By means of VB.NET environment as well, KPKFile Pro can encode data by the strongest algorithms available, including Blowfish, Huffman, MD5, RC2, Rijndael, SHA512, TripleDES, and Twofish. Moreover, KPKFile proprietary method takes advantage of powerful new brand random access memories and microprocessors managing efficiently huge encrypted strings: it is fast, efficient, and impregnable! Besides, KPKFile Pro doesn’t change system file to create folder (? weak protection), but it always encodes all data and (optionally) cleans up disk drive (? strong protection).


Password Memo is a useful encrypted database that allows you to manage your passwords in and out of KPKFile Pro interface. You can store up to 64 passwords, related data (Accounts, Usernames), and descriptions allowing you to seek data within database. You can copy passwords to KPKFile Pro memory. Moreover, you can easily copy data to clipboard and paste them into any application by right-clicking your mouse. This option lets you manage all your encrypted data by very complex safe passwords, while you have to remember only one password: the Password Memo password!


The encryption utility asks for a password, and then lets you select one or more files to add to a single encrypted file. In this way, you have three choices:
· you can create a new file (standard .KFL encrypted file);
· you can put encrypted data inside another still working above suspicion file by appending binary data to the end of target file;
· you can put encrypted data inside another still working above suspicion graphic file by merging binary data with pixel values (steganography).

Inoculating options are useful if you want the maximum of privacy and if you wish to hide that you are hiding something; in fact, note that the use itself of encrypted files can be unsafe. Drag and drop allows you to pick up files on Desktop, Explorer, or your favorite email program, drag them around the display, and drop in KPKFile Pro. Moreover, KPKFile Pro can perform file wiping, preceding file deletion by multiple data zeroing to make useless file undeletion. Wiping function can be activated/deactivated by menu.


The program manages a secret folder (named Private Folder) in which you can store a tree of subdirectories. Private Folder is a regular directory, which can be managed out of KPKFile Pro interface too. Moreover, the program can close and hide a pre-existent folder. Distinct Private Folders can be created by different passwords; hence many users are allowed to have their own Private Folder on same computer.

Besides, Private Folder encrypted files can be moved to a server. So, the same Private Folder can be shared by different workstations in LAN (see KPKFile Pro help). Moreover, moving away Private Folder encrypted files can be useful to protect data integrity against local HD failure too. Each folder data are automatically saved into selected directory (default: WINDOWS or WINNT). Recent data are stored in (xxxx).dat file (‘xxxx’ is a string of characters consisting of one capital letter and three digits, e.g. ‘A361′). The (xxxx).ol’x’ archives retain last sessions. Folder deletion can be preceded by multiple data changing to make useless file undeletion.

Private Folder comes with four utilities:
· Password manager feature running up to eight Private Folders by one password.
· Backup feature.
· Private Folder activity log file (able to record unauthorized attempts to access Private Folder too).
· Old sessions recovery.


This free tool allows you managing credit card data in the Web without worry. You have only to transmit KPKFile Pro 20 character length code. In a separate message (by email or by phone) you must transmit password too. Obviously, receiver also can install KPKFile Pro free of charge.


· Windows Installer package and Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR)
· .NET Framework runtime

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· KPKFile Pro has been completely rewritten during last two years using Microsoft VB.NET programming language. However, we?ve tried to maintain the same program style, so you couldn?t realize huge work we?ve done. All functions have been strongly improved by means of new environment too. Some new encryption algorithms and important functions have been added (steganographic encryption, Private Folder file tree view, Private Folder info, and so on). Moreover, KPKFile Pro comes with a free new tool allowing you to encode credit card data.

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