KrHash Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

It’s easy to use and let you crack a hash list.
KrHash is a graphical, multi-platform and generic hash cracker.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· import hashes from file – export cracked hashes to file
· added checkboxes for setting up the charset on brute force
· display current hash rate (cracked hash per second)
· fixed memory leak on brute force attack setup
· fixed #1: total iteration precomputing
· fixed #12: segfault when a hash provided in upper case is cracked
· fixed #9: random segfault when cracking process goes to fast (e.g. big dictionary attack)
· fixed custom user charset didn’t work properly
· fixed 0-byte issue on add/remove hash
· new cracking progress implementation
· cracking settings saved (e.g. charset, path to dictionary)
· added documentation

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