Lavasoft Digital Lock Encrypting Security for Windows

Protect the sensitive documents and private digital data on your computer with the strong encryption technology of Lavasoft
Encrypt home and corporate files for safe storage and sending!
Relieve the burden of worrying about identity theft with Lavasoft’s strong encryption technology that protects your files and sensitive information.

Browse the web with ease and connect your laptop or desktop computer to other networks, knowing that your files will remain secure. Use Lavasoft’s Digital Lock as an additional measure of control on a computer that already has log-in security, or as an extra back-up if a PC is lost, stolen, or accessed by another person.

Lavasoft Digital Lock is a natural enhancement to the privacy utlities you regularly use to ensure your computer security.

Never worry about a third party gaining access to files transmitted by e-mail or external media ? when you lock a file or folder, you alone have access to it.

Here are some key features of “Lavasoft Digital Lock”:

· Secure your files and sensitive data with strong encryption that supports several encryption algorithms, including the new AES standard 256 Bits.
· Conveniently select files for encryption with a simple right-click, drag and drop functionality, or by browsing for a file.
· Create encrypted e-mail attachments that can be sent to recipients that do not have Digital Lock installed – only the correct password is needed to unlock encrypted files.
· Benefit from the Digital Lock’s ability for multiple encryption of selected files ? encrypt a file more than once and use different combinations of passwords and encryption algorithms for added control.
· Full shredding functionality means you have the opportunity to shred the original file after completing a successful encryption.
· Store and send files the way you choose with an encryptor that supports your security needs and individual way of working.


· 15 MB free disk space
· RAM: Operating system + minimum 10 MB


· 30-day trial

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