Link Cloaker Encrypting Security for Windows

LinkCloaker is an easy-to-use and reliable link-cloaking utility.
LinkCloaker is an easy-to-use and reliable link-cloaking utility.

Link Cloaker is a quick and easy way to encrypt your html links and protect them from prying eyes.

For general purpose use, image sites, or captive pages where you want a message to show in the browser status bar rather than the link address — Link Cloaker also makes the code for those slick status bar rollovers.

Great for use with ClickBank and other affiliate programs, too — to help prevent “link high-jacking” and sales theft. Save just two or three sales, and the Cloaker pays for itself!

Includes instant testing — each time you hit the Make Code button, a real browser window pops up with your code… so you can check it for performance and appearance, and fully test it before you put it in your page.

Link Cloaker is extremely easy to use… fill in a few details, click the Make Code button, and the encrypted link code is instantly in your system clipboard. Simply paste it into your html page where you want the encrypted link to appear… and you’re done — including the slick status bar rollover messages.

Link Cloaker automatically creates link code for text links, button links, and image links; and also allows you to set targets for opening a new window with your link, or opening pages in frames.

Extensive help and clear instructions are under the Help button, including a complete ClickBank example, full detail on every single button and field, and a touch-and-go graphical reference for every control. Additionally, every field and button has a clear, concise popup help tag on mouseover.


· Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
· Minimum suggested screen resolution 640×480; 96dpi standard

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