Lizard Safeguard Encrypting Security for Windows

Total PDF Document Security & Digital Rights Management (DRM). Control how your PDF files are used, by whom, for how long & when
Lizard Safeguard will help you to protect your PDF documents from unauthorized printing, copying and distribution. You can also control how they are used, by whom, for how long and when.

Lizard Safeguard ensures complete PDF security with full licensing and document management control using US Government strength AES 256 bit encryption.

Made specifically for publishers, Lizard Safeguard ensures complete PDF security with full licensing and document management controls (digital rights management). It’s unique concept of publications ensures minimum administration overheads and enables you to manage customer subscriptions with ease.

There is no limit to the number of publications or documents you can securely protect or to the number of customers that can view these protected PDF documents. You pay the same price regardless.

Lizard Safeguard ensures the best security for you PDF files. Unlike weak and unmanageable password mechanisms Lizard Safeguard uses public key technology with strong 256 bit encryption and a real-time web based licensing system.

Lizard Safeguard is extremely easy to use – just right click on your PDF documents in Windows Explorer to protect them and select the secure document access rights. You control who views your PDF documents, how long they can view them for, whether they can be printed (and how many times), whether they can be modified, copied, saved, etc.

Lizard Safeguard can be fully customized with your own company information (logo and messages). Own server hosting options and import of existing customer data ensure you are up and running in less than 5 minutes.

A simple to use web-based administration system lets you control customer access to your secure PDF documents and you can even revoke document access in real-time even after they have been published.

Note: In order to use the downloaded trial, you have to register here.
Here are some key features of “Lizard Safeguard PDF Writer”:

· Complete and secure control over PDF document usage – viewing, printing (+ no. of times), copying, saving, etc.
· Disables Windows print screen, copying, modifying and saving in unprotected mode by default
· Enforce document viewing in full screen mode
· Customer expiry – you decide how long your customers can view your PDF documents
· Document expiry – sell time limited access to your documents
· Instant user revocation – terminate your customers access to a document instantly
· Complete off-line protection – no need to connect to the Internet to view existing documents
· Offline / online access management – control how long a customer can access your documents offline
· Real-time web based licensing control – issue and manage customers, publications and documents online
· Transparent real-time web based customer authorization
· Persistent end-to-end protection throughout a documents life-cycle
· Complete control over PDF document security inside or outside of the firewall, online and offline
· Customizable message text and document splash screen
· Batch processing of PDF files
· Auditing – see who has registered for your service and from where
· 5 minute set up – existing customer information can be imported and no configuring of servers is required
· Simple to Protect PDF documents (just right-click in Windows Explorer), simple to use, simple to administer
· Complete integration with your e-commerce system *
· Completely managed system (fully hosted by us) or hosted on your own server *
· No limit to the number of documents you protect or the number of customers that subscribe to your publications
· FREE Viewer software (nothing for users to purchase)
· Bullet proof protection – public key technology and US Government strength encryption (AES 256 bit)
· No passwords to send, manage, enter or forget or pass onto others
· No insecure plug-ins or weak implementations
· Persistent end-to-end protection throughout your documents life-cycle
· Complete control over PDF document security inside or outside the firewall, online and offline


· 15 days trial

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