Locker Lockdown Security for Windows

A software that can help you protect you files and folders.
Locker is a software product of new generation aimed at comprehensive protection of your data and using both protection properties of your operational system and its own protection means. In its basis, there is the task to secure the most flexible, convenient, and reliable PC data protection.

The project tasks include limitation of access to folders, files, discs and disc sections on your operational system, as well as additional data protection by encryption. The project has its professional version, which includes data encryption module. You can also purchase this module separately.

You can select any files, folders and discs and limit access to them, hide them or encrypt them promptly.
Here are some key features of “Locker”:

· The most flexible data protection.
· Locker offers several protection options, out of which the user can select the option most suitable to them or use all protection options together. You can purchase Pro version, which includes file encryption module, for the most secure protection, or you can purchase this module separately. Today encryption is one of the most secure data protection methods.

· Simplicity of usage.
· Locker project is designed for a broad range of users. Thanks to simple interface, detailed help section, messages and hints, even a user with no special training will work with the project easily.

· Protection reliability.
· Simple Locker version protects your data from viewing by means of standard Windows applications and from other user’s profiles, as well as from view with the help of utilities having immediate access to files and folders. However the simple version does not protect the data from utilities working in MS-DOS mode. In order to protect the data from access from such utilities, please purchase Pro version or separately Power Encrypt module. As this module is more functional for user’s convenience in the Pro version Locker project is included into this module but not vice versa.


· 28 runs

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