Lockout Inspector Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A software application that will monitor any user account and notify you if the account becomes locked
Account locked out again? Find out what caused your user account to become locked. Did you enter your password in wrong too many times or has someone been trying to guess your password?

Lockout Inspector will monitor any user account. If the account becomes locked, Lockout Inspector will send you an email with the date and time of the incident. It will also send you all recent login attempts by the user account that were UNSUCCESSFUL. This helps you determine if the failed login attempts were caused by you or someone else trying to login as you.

The IP Address of the computer in which the login attempts were made, is included with each failed login event so you can easily identify the offending source of the lockout. This allows you to address any threatening situations at an early stage of a potential breach before it becomes a problem. Additionally under certain situations in which a trusted but broken device is causing the lockouts, you can configure Lockout Inspector to automatically unlock the account and more, saving you time and hassle until the device is fixed.

Lockout Inspector makes it easy to just unlock the account and have your users log back in but this doesn’t address the potential issue. To eliminate the guess-work and concern download Lockout Inspector today and give your business the confidence it needs to succeed!

Lockout Inspector will record each time the account is locked out. This allows you to keep a historical reference of the occurrences.

When email notification is enabled, Lockout Inspector will send you and email similar to the figure below. It will contain all failed login events by the user account within the past 24 hours. This allows you to easily determine the IP Address of the offending source.

Here are some key features of “Lockout Inspector”:

· Flexible Schedule
Runs at any interval that you specify.

· Auto Unlock
Option to automatically unlock account.

· Email Notification
Sends notifications to any email address.

· Event Parsing
Leverages your audit policy. Filters failed logon events by the user.

· Logging
Creates a log file for historical reference.


· 30-day trial

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