LockPhix Lockdown Security for Windows

All-in-one security suite that guarantees total control over your files and enables you to hide your data from prying eyes
LockPhix is the ultimate combination between system locking tools and encryption software.

LockPhix provides a very versatile ScreenLock tool to lock your system showing a customizable screen. You can than unlock your computer with Password, USB-stick or keystroke.

The second tool FileVault, provides you with an easy and safe way to encrypt and decrypt files.

The third tool PasswordSafe, is a database where you can store your passwords and protect them with a single password.

All this is accompanied by an extended help file and even a tutorial. Includes features as Update panel, tutorial, registration panel, system tray menu and of course an eye-catching interface.

Keep your files safely locked with LockPhix!

To purchase the full version you have to use the registration function from the application’s interface.
Here are some key features of “LockPhix”:

· An easy to use console for quick access to all of the tools
· A System Tray icon to quickly display a menu with the most common actions
· A ScreenLock to quickly lock your computer while you’re away using three different routines
· A FileVault to easily encrypt and decrypt any file that others don’t need to see
· A PasswordSafe to store all your passwords and secure them with only one password
· A DashBoard to easily update, register or view an online tutorial


· Minimum:
· 600mhz+ Processor
· 256Mb+ of system memory
· 8Mb graphics card
· A mouse
· A Keyboard
· An internet connection
· Recommended:
· 1Ghz Processor
· 512Mb+ of system memory
· 32Mb+ graphics card
· A mouse
· A Keyboard
· An Broadband internet connection


· 30 days trial

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