LoggerSpy Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

LoggerSpy – Key Logger Spy – Doc Logger Spy for Demonstration Only… Not A Real Spy
LoggerSpy.exe is a Key Logger Spy – Doc Logger Spy. For Demonstration Only… Not A Real Spy.
It is Written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 for Windows XP or 9x.
You have complete control. It is safe to run.

LoggerSpy.exe can be used to show the effectiveness of two anti-spy applications currently being distributed by Microprosa Software.

It also can show you how vulnerable you are to spies, generally, for what it’s worth. Not to worry.

To Install LoggerSpy.exe on your computer run setup.exe.
This is a more or less, Standard Microsoft Visual Studio Installer with some custom visual enhancements.
It will install LoggerSpy.exe on your computer. You can also, completely uninstall it when you want using windows Control Panel, “Add Or Remove Programs.”

When you run LoggerSpy.exe it will not spy on you or anyone else. It is a simple demonstration app which will, when you click its buttons to start the
spy process running, read key strokes, and Internet Explorer documents and put the information in a visible text box in its, visible window to demonstrate what a real spy app could do, invisibly.
Click the same buttons again to stop the processes.
Close the window and it closes completely. Again, you have complete control. It is safe to run.

It does not store any information.
It does not go online.
It does not communicate with anything, anywhere, but
a real spy app would do all of this.

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