McAfee Firewall Firewall Security for Windows

McAfee Firewall – protect yourself while online with the advanced security of McAfee Firewall
The Internet provides a vast wealth of entertainment and informational opportunities, but it is not without its share of security risks. Connected computers make it easy to tap into these great resources online, but at the same time, such connections create opportunities for hackers and other malicious threats to steal or destroy your valuable data and files.

McAfee Firewall is a security tool that protect yourself while online.

Protect yourself while online with the advanced security of McAfee Firewall. Easy-to-use, yet highly configurable, McAfee Firewall secures your PCs connection to the Internet whether you connect via DSL, cable modem or dial-up. With intrusion detection, color coded security alerts, customizable audible alerts, detailed logging, and an application scan for Internet enabled applications, McAfee Firewall gives you the power you need to control the communications into and out of your PC, ensuring that your online experience is as safe as it is enjoyable.


– Enhanced Hacker Tracing

Turn the tables on hackers and trace them back to their source. In addition to helping you make more informed decisions as what to allow or block, built-in tools let you gain valuable information that can be used to report hackers and spammers to their ISPs and the authorities.

– Firewall Settings Security Check

Examines your firewall security settings, flags them and suggests changes, allowing you to rectify weaker settings before hackers get a chance to exploit them.

– Home Networking Wizard

Helps make setting up protections for your PCs sharing an Internet connection a breeze, providing helpful wizards to walk you through the process.

– Wizard for Creating Custom Firewall Rules

For power users, helpful wizards make creating special configurations for particular applications easier than ever. You can specify application, direction, ports and IP addresses to set up a program’s online communication to your liking to meet your particular needs.

– Intrusion Detection System

McAfee Firewall’s Intrusion Detection System (IDS) detects common attack types and other suspicious activity, and can be set to automatically block further communication from potential attackers. You can take comfort in knowing that the McAfee Firewall product is always on guard, and always ready to put a halt to malicious network traffic.

– Application Scan

McAfee Firewall can scan a PC for programs that can communicate over the Internet and present a list of such programs to the user. Selecting the programs you want to allow at the outset, you are able to minimize the number of real time alerts while online.

– Application Control

Gives you control over which applications are able to communicate out over the Internet. Enhancing both your security and privacy, no application is able to phone home without your say so.

– Color Coded Firewall Alerts

Easily determine the severity of potential security threats with color-coded on-screen alerts. You will quickly know the level of caution appropriate for each situation.

– Customizable Audible Alerts

Don’t miss a security concern just because you happen not to be looking at your computer screen. Users can also import their own sounds to be used as audible alerts.

– Enhanced Graphical Display of Network Activity & Attacks

McAfee Firewall’s Home screen makes it easy to determine what type of activity is taking place when you go online.

– Password Protection

Prevents others from tampering with your firewall settings by locking access to them with password security. Also helps keep your firewall protections secure by preventing the firewall from being shut down without your password.

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