McAfee Personal Vault Encrypting Security for Windows

Protect Your Personal Files and Documents on Your Computer
McAfee Personal Vault protects your valuable personal files and folders containing financial documents, photos, videos and more against thieves and hackers as well as against keeping your information private from other people using your computer.

McAfee Personal Vault also provides password protection to prevent anyone from accessing your files if your computer is lost or stolen.

With McAfee Personal Vault all your important data is kept safe and secure.

Here are some key features of “McAfee Personal Vault”:

· Secure storage for sensitive files and folders.
· Drag and drop or save files into as many Vaults as you chose.
· Persistent presence in “My Documents” for easy access to your important files.
· 256-bit AES encryption.
· Password reset mechanism in case you forget your password.
· Create multiple Vaults per Windows User.
· Block Thieves and Hackers from accessing your files to view and steal your personal information.
· Provides additional layer of protection over firewall, making it virtually impossible for hackers to access your files.
· Password Protection to prevent someone from accessing your files in case your computer is lost or stolen.
· Lock and Hide your private files from others who use your computer.
· Password Reset in case you forget your password.
· Always-Available Access to your most important files.
· Multiple Users allows for more than one person per computer to safeguard files and folders.


· 30 days trial

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