Media Fortress Encrypting Security for Windows

MediaFortress is a useful program that protects your right to privacy
You’ve probably heard at least one story in which a person was placed in a compromising situation because of media that was intended to be private. Most people expect that what they maintain on their computer is safe, but is it? How accessible is the media on your computer?

When you think media, do you think movies? What about photos or music? Virtually every computer contains some type of media. Regardless of the type of media, people want privacy and shouldn’t be forced to explain to others why they choose to have their media.

MediaFortress is a useful program that protects your right to privacy. MediaFortress is a media viewer that allows users to manage and store media in encrypted form. With MediaFortress, users can enjoy their media without the risk of prying eyes.

So, what about features? Designed with you in mind, MediaFortress offers:

256 AES Encryption

This is government standard encryption for classified information. What works for the United States Government will work for you as well! Encrypt your media-one file at a time, or an entire folder at once.

Stealth Pass Phrase

The stealth pass phrase is the ultimate privacy feature. You can create a “stealth” pass phrase (aka, fake!) that grants access to a folder that you specify. Simply create your Stealth Pass Phrase and direct your media viewer to a media file of your choice. You may customize the content of this folder ? put in some old photos or music videos. Now when someone wants to see what’s inside MediaFortress, you can show them without truly showing them. What others think is your encrypted media is actually your diversion!

Instant Hot Key Invisibility

Unexpected company? Press Ctrl-Shift-A and the MediaFortress program windows disappear completely and instantly. When the coast is clear, press Ctrl-Shift-A again and your media is restored, just the way you left it.

Media Explorer / Viewer

Browse through your media with MediaFortress’ user-friendly viewer. It allows you to resize your media, view slide shows, control the volume, and has previous, rewind and fast-forward functions. It even offers closed-captioning (when available).

Video Splitter

Not interested in part of your movie or music video? Cut the pieces that aren’t of interest!


ยท XP(for renaming feature only) & .Net 2.0

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