MegaWare Encrypter Encrypting Security for Windows

A handy encrypting tool
MegaWare Encrypter is a very powerful and secure encryption supporting multilevel algorithm hierarchy encryption(bit level),supports infinite length keys and equation creation utility(secondary key) for the utmost security.Support for multiple algorithms.All OS support (java).
Here are some key features of “MegaWare Encrypter”:

· Highly secure encryption algorithms- You can select between different algorithms provided
· Faster encryption and decryption process – speed upto or above 10000 characters per minute ( algorithm dependent)
· Strong code – You can select a code of any length , it means that you can perform infinite bit encryption not just 256 or128.
· Equation creation facility – For additional security ,you can create an equation for the code and the equation too will be evaluated for the encryption and decryption. That is, using equation is equivalent to the use of dual code for encryption.
· Folder Encryption process – It allows the encryption of an entire folder containing text files using a single key.


· Java

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