Mil Firewall Firewall Security for Windows

An easy-to-use firewall
There are many programs that relentlessly try to breach into your computer from the Internet. The surveys show that a new computer can be infected in less than half hour with spyware and trojan horses. Another increasingly alarming trend is the number of non-malicious programs that send information about you and your online habits to their authors without any consent from you.

Mil Firewall is an application which can help you block all network attacks and information leaks from your computer. With Mil Firewall you can use Internet and local networks for work or entertainment while keeping full control over what goes in and what goes out of your computer.
Here are some key features of “Mil Firewall”:

· Very fast filtering engine. Unlike many other software firewalls, Mil Firewall does not slow down your computer and your network connections. You do not have to choose between safety and speed – with Mil Firewall you can have both.

· Protects both incoming and outgoing connections. Mil Firewall protects your computer from both incoming and outgoing connections. While most of the network attacks are using incoming connections, many trojan horses and other software is using outgoing connections to “phone home” with your private information.
· Support for program and global rules. You can specify network access rules for each program or to use global rules to allow this access to all programs. Each time when a program tries to access the network for the first time, Mil Firewall will ask you what to do and will create a new program rule based on your answer.
· Predefined rules for frequently used programs. Mil Firewall has predefined program and global rules for most frequently used programs. The predefined rules as flexible too – you can change them as you like.
· Independent protection of each network connection. Mil Firewall allows you to enable or disable the firewall protection for each network adapter of your computer. You can also enable each individual network access rule only for the adapters that you want.
· Very flexible and powerful filtering rules. You can create advanced rules for network access, using protocols, ports and addresses.


· MB free hard disk space (10 MB temporarily during the installation).
· Graphics mode: at least 800×600 pixels at HiColor (16-bit color) or TrueColor (24- or 32-bit color).


· 21 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Many improvements and bugfixes.

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