MindSoft Secret Agent Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

MindSoft Secret Agent – Know what happens in your PC when you’re not there
Know what happens in your PC when you’re not there!

MindSoft Secret Agent will perform periodical screenshots and it will register what is typed on your PC keyboard.

Maybe you are a businessman and you want to know what your staff do at work.You may suspect your partner`s infidelity. It is possible that you will need to feel safe when you leave your children alone in front of your computer. Facing any of this situations or similar ones, the best is to use a product that allows you to know what`s going on in your computer any time.

MindSoft Secret Agent takes photos of what comes to your screen every certain seconds and it stores them in folders classifying them by dates.

Besides, MindSoft Secret Agent will register all the typing done, allowing you to find out e-mail passwords, message systems such as Messenger, you will also be able to read e-mails, conversations and everything any user types on your PC.


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