MIRCRYPTION Encrypting Security for Windows

MIRCRYPTION provides secure and transparent encryption
MIRCRYPTION add-on to mirc i provides secure and transparent encryption.

Mircryption consists of two components:
· The first is a mIRC script named mircryption.mrc. This script is written in the native mIRC scripting language, and can be viewed and edited with any text editor.
· The second is a compiled DLL (dynamic link library) named mircryption.dll. The dll was written in C++, and compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 6. Included with this package is the complete source code for the DLL, including the Visual C++ project files. If you have Visual C++ 6 you will be able to recompile this DLL painlessly.

You are encouraged to examine the source code to the script and the DLL, and to recompile the DLL, to assure yourself that the code is both secure and safe.

If you receive a version of mircryption without the source code, don’t use it. Even if you trust your provider, all versions of mircryption should come with source code.

Have an improvement to mircryption you want to share with others? Great. But due to the risk of people adding security backdoors, we’d like to encourage a vetting process for Mircryption changes.

Here are some key features of “MIRCRYPTION”:

· Channel text, Private query windows, DCC Chats, Actions, Topics can all be encrypted.
· No need to modify the way you work – text is encrypted and decrypted automatically; encryption status of conversations is clear but unobtrusive.
· Blowfish encryption is used (no known vulnerabilities); encryption keys are themselves stored in encrypted form.
· User-firendly key management routines; menu driven and easy to temporarily disable & re-enable encryption on a channel, send plain text quicky, etc.
· Includes enhanced replacement routines for MS Agent text-to-speech support.
· All source code is provided.


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