MultiMon Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

MultiMon is a powerful system, file, devices, registry, network, keyboard, user and clipboard activity monitor
MultiMon is a powerful system, file, devices, registry, network, keyboard, user and clipboard activity monitor. It is intended as an easy, one-stop general purpose solution for examining system, application, network, and user behavior.

The detailed output of MultiMon includes information such as file, key, value and process names, IP addresses, IP headers, process IDs, thread IDs, window and object handles, CPU IDs, high-precision timestamps and much more.

System monitor
The system monitor displays real time notifications of the creation and deletion of processes and threads by applications and the system as well as the loading of binary executable images in memory before they are executed.

Devices monitor
The devices monitor displays the loading and unloading of device drivers as well as communication between applications and system components. The devices monitor will not monitor communication between drivers in the system but will provide insight in the way applications interact with system components. Additionally this monitor will also report interaction between applications and pipes, mailslots, consoles and other resources which are not files on disk.

File monitor
The file monitor displays real time file activity on your local hard drives as well as an remote drives. Detailed information including file names and handles is provided.

Registry monitor
The registry monitor displays real time registry activity by applications and the system.

Network monitor
The network monitor will display IP and other network packets that are being received and transmitted. Information includes network packet size, source and destination port, IP address, host name, IP header contents, TTL value and more.

Keyboard monitor
The keyboard monitor logs keys pressed by the PC user. The monitor will display useful information such as process name and window title that received keyboard input, name of the pressed key as well as the scan code.

User monitor
The user monitor displays shell notifications as a result of user events. It displays information whenever a system alert takes place, a system sound is played, a (popup) menu is entered or exited, a window is activated, moved, resized or minimized, a drag and drop or scroll operations takes place or the user switches application by pressing ALT+TAB.

Clipboard monitor
The clipboard monitor displays a notification whenever the contents of the clipboard change.


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