NCrypt XL Encrypting Security for Windows

Encrypt and scramble Excel documents using standard algorithms.
NCrypt XL is a tool to encrypt every cell inside a MS Excel spreadsheet. It uses standard algorithms such as AES and DES. The encryption is text based, and any format is retained. Encryption and decryption is done by inserting a proper password or passphrase.

Every single worksheet may be encrypted entirely or by selecting one or more of its columns. NCrypt XL is a standalone solution, not an Excel macro. NCrypt XL is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 and higher.

Here are some key features of “NCrypt XL”:

· Encryption is done on every cell of the sheet
· You may encrypt the whole sheet or just some columns
· It is not an Excel macro, but a stand-alone, independent software package.
· User formats are retained
· An encrypted copy of the document is created


· .NET Framework 2.0


· 30 days trial
· Nag screen

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