Neodeck Data Spy Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Neodeck Data Spy is designed to allow the user to view, edit and monitor data from different data sources at the same time.
Neodeck Data Spy allows the user to view, edit and monitor data from different data sources at the same time. Why spend big bucks buying MS Access to all your user so they can view the data in the tables, when with this program you can do the same thing, if not easier with less than half the price of MS Access.

Neodeck Data Spy can connect to any database, not just Access, to create different views of data. It also brings a server monitor that can help to monitor data servers status. You can also make queries to the data using a built in query builder that is very easy to use.

Neodeck Data Spy also allows to export the data of any of its view to XML format, sort it in any way and view summary totals of any field.

The Neodeck Data Spy is a simple solution to solve complex problems dealing with viewing your data and being aware of it all the time. This software was designed to allow for the creation of different spy objects, meaning objects that allow for the viewing, monitoring and editing of data.

The interface is simple, and object creating is done with access like wizards, so the application is easy to use for IT staff as it is for any management personnel that might want to use it too. Since management likes to be aware of what is going on in a company at all times, this application can satisfy this need.

Here are some key features of “Neodeck Data Spy”:

· Wizard interface for new items
· Very easy to use
· Multiple document interface allows you to set the views as you like
· Help file integrated
· Make complex queries of the data
· Make as many data views as you want from any data source
· Export any view to XML
· View data views from different data sources in the same screen
· Automatically refresh the data in each data view
· Know the status of your server all the time
· Alerts you with a sound if a server goes down
· Compare your data using graphical bars
· View the summary of any field in a data view
· Alerts you when data in a graph goes up or down with a sound


· Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7

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