Neox Keylogger Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Computer Monitoring Software
After proving its worth worldwide as the most feature loaded remote monitoring technology, Neox Keylogger can now be successfully branded as the Best Selling Keylogger globally.

Along with its comprehensive monitoring features, meticulous log reporting and undisputable stealth, the best that Neox Keylogger offers like no one else is – INVISIBILTY.

Neox Keylogger is an application cresated to help you monitor your computer’s activity.
Here are some key features of “Neox Keylogger”:

· Monitors even through a Laptop
· You do not have to switch on a Laptop or have to be physically present there to monitor a Laptop’s activity. Neox Keylogger lets you keep a check on any monitor you want no matter where you are, through email log files. You get to monitor laptops without any hassle of configuring things.

· Tracks even the MySpace, Facebook and Similar Websites activities
· Now you can even view every MySpace, Facebook and Similar Websites activities in your office by your employees. This technology lets you keep a check on the amount of time spent by your employees on such non-official sites.

· Employed by all major Private and Government Companies
· Neox Keylogger is popular and thus is a part of every major organization, whether government or private. It is reliable, worth spending money on and it delivers. It is also a potential product for home users.

· Extracts Usernames and Passwords of the User
· The software also lets you get an access to the username and password of the email address by extracting the keystrokes used on the computer keyboard. Know the username and password and get a complete access to the email id of the employer.

· Instant Customer Support
· Get professional customer support to make best use of Neox Keylogger. The software is so easy to use and implement that you don’t even need to go through the headache of reading complete manual.

· Absolute Stealth with Neox
· INVISIBLE is the key phrase here! This is because, 100% secrecy is kept by Neox Keylogger, as no one, but you can tell that the software is present in the computer. It’s undetectable and unseen for all those who you want to monitor or keep a check on.

· File Download
· Neox Keylogger lets you keep a track on any and every file download being made. Its tells you the file name and % completion of the download.

· Encrypted Log Files
· What makes Neox Keylogger a smart software? The answer is its hardcore ENCRYPTION. Imagine, what if the user you are tracking, gets an access to your PC and the log files? Not to worry! Neox Keylogger makes sure that all the information from keystrokes is captured in an encrypted format; so that if someone else gets their hands on it, they won’t be able to understand it.

· Email Log Files
· Email Log Files is a highly useful feature of Neox Keylogger that lets you know if your employee is browsing any objectionable site or using the objectionable keyword. As per your specification, the software automatically emails you about the usage of the barred keyword, whether it’s through a website browsed, any email typed, or the language typed while chatting. The email interval depends upon your setting for log file size.

· Languages
· This unique and incredible software is designed in three different languages to help you keep a track on online as well as offline work done in your organization, by your employees, and according to your convenience. Neox Keylogger is available in English, Deutsch and Espanol languages. .


· 5-Day Trial.

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