net MaMMa Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

For your childern to surf on the safe side of the Internet
net-MaMMa software is meant to be easy to install and use and aims to be used by parents and educators who need to follow their children’s steps in the Internet and general computer usage.

A lot of effort was made in order to make net-MaMMa easy to interact with, making it usable to anyone ? even those parents who are not completely at ease with computers and new technologies

With net-MaMMa you will be enabled to follow your children’s steps while they browse the internet as well as while they use the computer. Keep your children safe from unwanted malicious content with net-MaMMa.

Here are some key features of “net MaMMa”:

· Monitors computer usage (used programs and games, visited Internet pages, MSN Messenger chats, controlled image capture);
· Independent Configurations for each computer user;
· Classification of programs as “Scholar / Learning”, “Leisure” or “Dangerous”;
· Separate time limits for different usage types (Leisure and or Dangerous areas);
· Block programs based on its categorization;
· Classification of Internet pages (as dangerous or harmless);
· Stealth blocking of dangerous Internet pages;
· Keyword classification for blocking malicious searches in search engines;
· Classification of MSN Messenger friends as safe or risky ones;
· Control of the visualization of the Slideshow for viewing captured images;
· net-MaMMa works in stealth mode, not to be noticed by the monitored computer user;
· net-MaMMa control panel displays a summary of captured occurrences (Internet navigation, program usage, Messenger chats);
· Control of disk usage by net-MaMMa database.


· 1024×768 monitor resolution;
· Pentium III CPU at 500 MHz;
· 64 Mb RAM (128 MB recommended);
· 20 Mb Free disk space (100 MB recommended);
· .NET Framework


· 15 days trial
· The site & search blocking feature is enabled only for the first 5 inappropriate content sites in each browser session.
· Messenger conversation monitoring shows only the first 5 lines in each chat.

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