NETObserve Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Remote web-based surveillance and administration suite
NETObserve is an all in one solution to monitoring spouses, co-workers, children, employee’s and just about any other person you may concerned of that is using your PC.

NETObserve will monitor not only what is going on within your PC, but it can also record what is going on in front of your PC, through the use of our breakthrough web cam surveillance technology! With NETObserve on your side, you will have remote, realtime access to your PC, allowing you to remotely control and monitor a PC while you are away!
Here are some key features of “NETObserve”:

· Internet Conversation Logging
· Window Activity Logging
· Application Activity Logging
· Clipboard Activity Logging
· Printed Documents Logging
· Keystroke Monitoring
· Websites Activity Logging
· Screen Shot Capturing
· Webcam Picture Capturing
· File Sharing
· Startup Program Moderating
· Image Cache Browsing
· Internet Connection/Port Viewing
· Stealth Mode
· Web Content Filtering
· Automatic Active Startup
· 128-Bit Encryption
· E-Mail Based IP Delivery
· Automatic Log Clearing
· Two-Way Chat
· Precise User Tracking
· Router/Firewall Configuration Tutorials

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