NLCSystems Encrypting Security for Windows

Cryptosystem with unique automatic file protection and non-linear algorithm
NLCSystems – one of the most flexible and universal cryptosystems to protect your computer and information. It’s flexibility makes it useful for corporate and personal protection at the same time – it uses unique non-linear cryptoalgorithm.


· Fast unbreakable premium cryptoalgorithm based on non-linear dynamics
· Support of any file formats. Full OLE features support
· NLC uses newest automatiztion methods for protection – working with protected files never was so secure and simple
· Context menus integration – instant access to any files and program options
· Customizable encryption options – you can manually select between advanced security and speed
· Excellent interface with detailed help
· Support of self-decryptable (SFD) files – you can securely communicate even when receiver hasn’t our program
· To prove algorithm’s features we launch CryptoTest – especially for cryptanalyzers. If somebody will be able to break program’s encryption, we will award him and modify algorithm to protect it from future attacks

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