nMacro Recorder Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

nMacroRec records mouse and keyboard actions and saves as exe
nMacro allows you to record both keyboard and mouse actions and then save them as executables, which you can run to reproduce recorded actions on same system or on other systems.

It works by hooking all messages sent by mouse actions and key actions. Then it save it and binds it to an exe so that when the executable is run it will play the recorded messages and so reproduce the mouse and keyboard actions.

In order to start recording first you need to set where do you want the output to be saved and its name. This is the executable that will result from the recording. You can do this by writing the path in the Save Record As field or by clicking the browse button next to it.

Once you’ve set the output path you can start recording or you can set a password that will be required everytime you run the output before playing recorded events.

Also here you have an options to disable all keyboard input (except for CTRL+ALT+DEL that will stop play) during the playing of the recorded events from the output.The password and this last option are both optional.

To begin recording all you have to do is press the red Start Recording button after you’ve set the output path and name. To stop recording just press CTRL+BREAK or click on the applications tray icon.

NOTICE: In order to reproduce recorded actions on other computer you must make sure it has the same screen resolution as the system the actions were recorded on, in order for the mouse actions be reproduce exactly. If you’re not sure of this detail or of the exact alignement of the other systems icons you can record only keyboard events.

Also please take into consideration loading times wich may be different each time you play recorded events.

What’s New in This Release:

ยท New features, New interface, New design

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