Omniquad Desktop Surveillance Personal Edition Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A powerful monitoring and access control tool
Omniquad Desktop Surveillance Personal Edition will monitor every aspect of your PC usage.

To set user-specific monitoring, you can add a user profile and then edit monitoring options for that profile. If you choose not to create separate user profiles, the default user settings itself can be customized to suit your monitoring needs.

To record activities of a user, Omniquad Desktop Surveillance Personal attempts to match a user login name with the user profiles you created. If no available user profile matches with the logged-in user, the default user settings will be applied for monitoring that user.
Here are some key features of “Omniquad Desktop Surveillance Personal Edition”:

· Two modes of operation: Misuse Prevention and Stealth Surveillance.
· VirtualVideo -The VirtualVideo is the software equivalent of having a video camera trained on the users’ monitors, but without the need for any hardware.
· Keystroke Scan
· Smart Activity Log
· Keyscan Triggers
· Adult Content Filtering
· Blocking – the product is capable of preventing the user from accessing adult content, accessing banned websites, loading specific applications or documents, browsing specific folders in Windows Explorer or even changing workstation configuration.
· Lockdown – The workstation can be automatically shut down when an event is triggered


· 4.4 MB free HDD space
· 32 MB RAM
· Internet connection


· 30 days trial
· Nag screen

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