Online Armor Free Firewall Security for Windows

Protects against Spyware, Malware, Trojans and Phishing attacks
The Online Armor product was designed to be a revolutionary software that will protect your system against Spyware, Malware, Trojans and Phishing attacks. Instead of using patterns to identify programs (letting unknown threats run silently in the background) Online Armor uses a unique combination of behaviour analysis and white list of safe programs.

When Online Armor detects a new program or potentially unwanted behaviour, the user is immediately alerted and can prevent the program running. The extensive white list prevents unnecessary pop-ups, making Online Armor quick, simple and unobtrusive.

Starting with version 2, Online Armor now includes a powerful personal firewall -with a standard and basic mode and many advanced features for expert users. Online Armor is also available with a built-in antivirus scanner.

NOTE: Online Armor Free is a complementary version of our powerful windows firewall. Built on the same technology as Online Armor, the free version offers a basic firewall at no cost. There are no advertisements, no time limitations and no nag screens!

Here are some key features of “Online Armor Free”:

· Firewall
· Online Armor protects your computer from external attack and stops private data leaking from your computer. For everyday users, Online Armor firewall is almost silent and very, very easy to use. Advanced users will be pleased by the powerful options available in “Advanced Mode”.

· Program Guard
· Puts you in control of your computer. No program can run unless you give it permission to do so, and you can always change your mind later. For example, if you decide to let a program run which then starts behaving badly, you can “Deny” it permission to run – and optionally delete any files it created. Again, we maintain a list of safe/dangerous programs to make it easier for you to decide what to trust.

· Mail Shield
· Online Armor filters your incoming email. If Online Armor detects a suspect email, it will alert you (and if you run Online Armor AV+ emails will also be scanned for viruses)

· Key Logger Detector
· Online Armor detects programs which record keystrokes. If anything with this behaviour gets past your anti-virus or firewall program, Online Armor will alert you. Some programs legitimately perform actions that could be mistaken for a keylogger – we keep a list of these safe, trusted applications which is downloaded to your computer to avoid bothering you with unnecessary popup windows.

· Browser settings monitoring
· Online Armor protects you from unauthorized modification of your web browser settings by external programs.

· Trusted lists
· Tall Emu maintains a central list of items which are safe or not – so you will only be alerted in the event an unknown or dangerous items are detected. The trust/untrust lists are constantly updated and distributed among Online Armor users via the automatic automatic updates.

· Hosts-file monitoring
· Online Armor allows you to to set restrictions for your system host-file so that to control its modification by malicious programs.

· Autoruns Manager
· Online Armor monitors the system and alerts you when programs are set to automatically start – and lets you control them.


· Exclusion, Backup/Restore, Hotkeys pages disabled in the free version
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Resolved (Implemented) OAsrv and OAui optimization for CPU usage and pagefaults
· Resolved (Fixed) Service crash after restarting (hopefully fixed)
· Resolved (Fixed) Upper case letters instead of lower case in General->Firewall description
· Resolved (Fixed) Inconsistent use of lower and upper case letters
· Resolved (Fixed) OAdriver.sys BSOD
· Resolved (Fixed) Pasting into document causes popup
· Resolved (Fixed) Webshield partially blocking content from trusted sites
· Resolved (Fixed) Checkbox text is cut off in firewall status window
· Resolved (Fixed) Grey line across the top of Autoruns and IE Add-Ons tabs

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