Online Recorder Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Online Recorder records text on AOL 4.0-8.0, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, keystrokes, window captions and all the web sites visited
Are you worried about what your spouse or children are doing on the Internet? Do they hide windows when you look over their shoulder? If you want to know exactly what they’re typing and where they’re going, this program is for you.

The Online Recorder secretly runs under windows when your computer starts up and extracts text from Internet applications.

Online Recorder also records every keystroke on your computer without changing it’s performance or slowing it down. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here are some key features of “Online Recorder”:

· Records all keystrokes on any window
· Extracts/records AOL screen name and password
· Extracts/records Yahoo screen name and password
· Extracts/records Microsoft screen name and password
· Records all web sites visited in ANY browser
· Records all titles of opened windows
· Records Yahoo instant messages
· Records Microsoft instant messages
· Records AOL chat room conversations
· Records AOL mails sent
· Records AOL mails received
· Records AOL instant messages
· Records AOL keywords and web sites visited
· Records AOL Instant Messenger conversations
· Records AOL Instant Messenger chat rooms
· Extremely easy to setup and use
· Completely undetectable and runs smoothly
· Encrypts files of recorded Internet information
· Contains a program to easily view the information
· Search reports for specific text
· Create a password to bring up the viewer program
· Starts monitoring when your computer starts up
· Works for AOL 4.0-8.0 and most recent MSN and Yahoo
· Works on Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and XP
· Records all user accounts
· Discounts on future software created by us
· Fast customer support service

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