PA File Sight Pro Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A useful application that monitors and reports the file accesses and modifications
PA File Sight will help you determine who is reading from and writing to important files. It will tell you when a new file is created or renamed. And, when a file gets deleted, PA File Sight can tell you who deleted the file. Plus, you’ll know what program was used to perform the action.

Besides many standard notification and logging actions that come standard with the product, the Pro Edition helps you further by providing reports to help see what has happened in the past, whether you were notified about it or not.

PA File Sight’s active file tracking can be an important part of your Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, and more. Plus, with the built in security settings, you’ll know nobody is tampering with your PA File Sight installation.

PA File Sight Pro will keep you informed about any modifications made to your files.

PA File Sight Pro edition is the best solution for monitoring files and finding out who read from or writes to them. PA File Sight is also the best solution for tracking who deletes files and when it happens.

Receive notifications about what action happens to a file, who performed the action, and what program they were using.

Plus, the Pro edition adds powerful reporting for finding out what happened historically. View the reports via a web interface, or export them to a .CSV file for importing into Excel or other applications.

Here are some key features of “PA File Sight Pro”:

· Monitor all files or a subset of files on a local disk for changes, deletes, etc.
· Receive notifications via email, SMS, SNPP pager, etc
· Record file access, user and program to log files
· Record file access to a database, and generate reports on specified files, users, access type or time ranges
· PA File Sight runs as a service, so it is monitoring your system as soon as the computer is started–there is no need to login or start a program manually.
· It has advanced resource usage throttling to make sure it doesn’t affect the server it is running on or the network.
· HTTP based reports for viewing within the PA File Sight Console, or from a web browser.
· Schedule reports to be automatically generated, and optionally have the URL emailed to you.
· Ad hoc reports to quickly get answers based on data already collected.
· Powerful and flexible actions that run in response to your alert criteria.


· 20 – 40 MB of physical RAM for the monitoring process
· 20 – 80 MB of disk space


· 30 days trial

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