Padlock Encrypting Security for Windows

MyPadlock – Need chat and email privacy? What about sensitive file transfers? Use PadLock!
MyPadLock offers extra security for your personal information like computer files, email, instant messages or even chat room text.
MyPadLock provides the locks and you provide the keys.

Once you put a lock on one of these items, only you and the people who have your key can remove the lock and release the original contents.

Beginning now you too can send and receive letters and messages that look similar to this.

While testing MyPadLock you will learn that your items are secure because you can ‘see’ the security and because only your chosen keys will unlock a message or file.

Have you ever sent email to someone and wondered whether it would be read by them or by someone else first? Or perhaps if it was scanned by another computer between points A and B.

Or have you ever wondered why you’re warned not to send credit card numbers or other valuable information in an instant messenger?

Of course we all know the answer now -> Identity Theft.

Now you can take the worry out of those kinds of communication because MyPadLock allows you to easily and quickly secure the info in such a way that there will be no doubts.

The best part is, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. MyPadLock is affordable which is definately an important factor. The bottom line is. . . now you and your friends can have personal discussions without worrying about privacy.

Or maybe you would like to tender a bid on a business contract and know that if the competition somehow intercepted your email document they still couldn’t read it.

All these are good reasons to look into using MyPadLock.

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