PAL Keylogger Pro Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Secretly records chats, emails, instant messages, keystrokes, Hotmail, AOL emails, ICQ chat, Yahoo! chat and AOL chat
KeyLog Pro will record every keystroke made on your computer on every window, even on password protected boxes.

Perhaps you’re wondering if your spouse cheats online. Or what sites do your kids visit. Or if your employees waste company time surfing the Internet? With PAL KeyLogger Pro you can find out.

The software can start up whenever your computer starts up. See everything being typed, emails, messages, documents, web pages, usernames passwords and more. Stealth technology ensures that KeyLog Pro is completely hidden from everyone except you. It will not appear in the Windows Desktop, Task Manager or in any other Menu.
Here are some key features of “PAL Keylogger Pro”:

· Records every keystroke and passwords typed on any window and program.
· Including: Hotmail, MSN email and Messager.
· AOL email, Instant messager and chat
· Yahoo email, Instant messager and chat.
· Runs completely undetected.
· Does not slow down your computer.
· Encrypts recorded files
· Very easy to setup and use.
· Filters access against harmful web content.
· Fast customer support.


· 10-day trial

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