Password Recovery Toolbox Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

Password Recovery Toolbox – Inernet explorer, Outlook Express, Network and Dial-up password recovery.
Password Recovery Toolbox is a program that recovers Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, network, and dial-up passwords, including passwords for modem connections, ISDN lines and virtual private networks.

Here are some key features of “Password Recovery Toolbox”:

· Browsing through and deleting passwords for protected sites, user passwords for HTML forms (form passwords), autocomplete strings and Content Advisor Password stored by MS Internet Explorer;
· Transferring the Internet Explorer passwords and autocomplete data strings from one system to another;
· Viewing logins and passwords for ALL the e-mail and newsgroups accounts of the MS Outlook Express as well as “Identity passwords”;
· Viewing logins and passwords for ALL the e-mail accounts of the MS Outlook (all versions through MS Outlook 2003 are supported);
· Viewing logins and passwords to access Internet, LAN or other computers;
· Retrieving the Network and Dial-up passwords for ALL the users of Windows 2000 / XP;
· Recovering passwords containing non-english characters;
· All passwords are recovered instantly;
· Preventing the unauthorized program execution;
· Storing the retrieved information in a formatted text file;
· Copying and pasting the retrieved information using the clipboard;
· Easy and user-friendly interface.


· An unregistered version of Internet Password Recovery Toolbox shows the passwords not longer than 4 characters and has some functional limitations.

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