Password Shield Encrypting Security for Windows

A revolutionary and powerful software that will protect your passwords, credit card information
Password Shield is a revolutionary and powerful software that will protect your passwords, credit card information, and other personal data stored on your personal computer.

When Password Shield is running, it reads the information you put in forms and encrypts it. It doesn’t encrypt the information you send to the website you are submitting the information to. That is what SSL (Secured Socket Layer) is for.

Password Shield protects your computer! Information you put into the form can easily be intercepted right on your own computer if you have spyware or a key-logging virus on your computer. The spyware or virus can then take the information you put in your form, and send it out to the creator of the virus or spyware. Password Shield prevents this from happening.

Here are some key features of “Password Shield”:

· Password Shield protects the information on your computer.
There are malicious programs called “Key-Loggers” that will track every key you type on your keyboard!!! Password Shield runs as a service on your computer that checks for key-loggers and blocks them from recording your keystrokes!

· Password Shield protects your browser!
Whether you’re using Internet Explorer or Firefox, Password Shield puts a small toolbar in the browser to easily access the features of Password Shield. When you login to a website, Password Shield will prompt you to save your login information to Password Shield’s encrypted file!

· Password Shield Manages your login information, and your passwords!
How many times have you forgotten your password, or login information for a website? Well, Password Shield remembers the information for you, and will populate the username and password for the site you want to login to! Password Shield has a login manager that displays the website, username, and password used to login that website as well.

· Password Shield Security
Password Shield uses the latest encryption technology to keep your passwords safe from hackers, viruses, and spyware. Only Password Shield can read the login information saved in Password Shield! Now everyone can feel safe shopping, banking, and checking their email knowing that Password Shield is protecting their computer!


· 15 days trial

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