Password Spyer 2k Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

Recovers your lost or forgotten passwords saved behind asterisks
Password Spyer 2k is a useful and reliable password recovery tool for windows.

Password Spyer 2k reveals passwords hidden by asterisks (***) in all windows version. You can use it to recover your lost password in most windows applications such as outlook, cute ftp, ws ftp, ICQ and others.

You can use Password Spyer 2k to also reveal saved web passwords. Password Spyer 2k supports two methods for revealing passwords for better password retrieval.

Here are some key features of “Password Spyer 2k”:

· Find out asterisk-password within all Windows-System
· Recover password in Internet Explorer (including IE 6.0), Simply click “Show web passwords” button, Password Spyer 2k will display a listing of all passwords hidden behind asterisks in all opened IE pages.
· Password Spyer 2k supports two methods for password recovery/revealing for better password retrieval.


· Internet Explorer


· The trial period of Password Spyer 2k is endless! While in trial period, you will only be shown the first 2 characters of the password. When you purchase the program, you will be able to see the full password.

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