PC Activity Monitor Standard PC Acme Standard Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

The ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use monitoring tool.
PC Activity Monitor Standard (PC Acme Standard) is created for monitoring user’s PC activity.
PC Acme Standard works under Windows 2000/XP operating systems. All data collected by the monitoring are saved to the encrypted log file located on the user’s machine.

Monitoring program works in background, transparent for the user, on the level of OS kernel.

PC Acme Standard supports UNICODE, i.e. it is able to record even the languages with hieroglyphic writing. Another strong side of PC Acme Standard is its protection measures. It is completely hidden, and even the experienced user cannot locate, stop or destroy the program.
Here are some key features of “PC Activity Monitor Standard”:

· Interception of all languages (UNICODE support)
· Keystroke capturing
· Clipboard capturing
· Window text capturing
· Mouse clicks capturing
· Capturing of text from Microsoft Office documents
· Internet monitoring (recording of visited web-sites)
· Recording of e-mails, instant messengers and chats (MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger etc.)
· Recording of logins/passwords
· Application start and termination
· Opening and close of windows
· Component elements
· Event timestamps
· High transparency and invisibility in the operation system
· Log file encryption
· Internal database for storing of recorded data
· Log file analyzer
· Smart-looking reports converted into HTML format
· Simple type of report
· Standard type of report
· Advanced type of report
· Archiving of recorded data stored in the database
· Changing of monitoring process priority
· Demo version availability
· Free upgrades and unlimited lifetime support


· database size is limited
· 4 hours per session
· nag screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Parsing errors in log analyzer and critical errors in monitoring agent are fixed

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