PC Agent Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

PC Monitoring Software to record activities on a PC unseen
PC Agent enables you to log activities on your PC unnoticed and store this compressed and encrypted in log-files.

The log-files are fully searchable for specific keywords and can be send automatically to a shared resource in the network or to a predefined e-mail address.

The monitoring process is completely hidden and easy-to-use.

Here are some key features of “PC Agent”:

· Encodes and compresses log-files before sending
· Send log-files to a shared resource or to a e-mail address
· Send all logged activities additionally to a monitoring server
· Starts with schedule
· Selectively user monitoring
· Send with schedule
· Absolutely invisibly

Recorded activities:
· Keystrokes and passwords
· Mouse clicks
· File operations
· Clipboard
· RAS connections
· User logons
· Power state
· Visited web sides
· Sent data via HTTP-POST and HTTP-authentications
· FTP-authentications and FTP-commands
· Sent and received emails and News as well as authentications
· Messenger message history.


· The program cannot be protected with a password

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