PC Encrypt Encrypting Security for Windows

Encrypts, compresses, erases files and folders. Simple! Strong! Fast!
PC-Encrypt is a lightweight, powerful and easy to use software application that grants you simple, yet strong file and folder security, with no need for any plug-ins, adapters or additional software.

Here are some key features of “PC Encrypt”:

· Secure encryption using the widely recognized BLOWFISH algorithm. Never been cracked.
· Encrypt files, folders and subfoldersand decryption restores to original configuration. Works with all mail programs- AOL, cc:Mail, Eudora, Google Gmail, Hotmail, Lotus Notes, Netscape, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, MSN, Novell GroupWise, Opera, Pegasus, PocoMail, Walla Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.
· Secure file erase – this option ensures that all traces of the original file are erased. Optionally, can erase one file or all files in a Folder.
· One-way feature(“Self-Extracting”) – recipients do not require PC-Encrypt – only the correct password. See Note below for more details.
· Auto encrypt/decrypt – no need to remember passwords. Encrypt files with a default password or select a name from the Password Book. For added security, and portability, carry the Password Book with you on a diskette.
· Free key-exchange- simplest method to create secure passwords and deliver them securely by email to any other PC-Encrypt user in the world. Or you decide on a password and share using phone, fax, etc., or via Key-Exchange.
· Multiple password books – any number of Password Books can be created and accessed. Several people can share the same computer and each person can have their own Password Book (each with a unique access password). Keep one password book for your many other confidential passwords – no need to remember – just access the locked, private, Password Book.
· Password book backup- simple backup and restoration of Password Book(s)
· Compress files by up to 80%. Deliver large files securely and quickly.
· “PC-SEND” – a built-in email program that will deliver encrypted file(s) directly from PC-Encrypt – or use your separate email program to attach encrypted file.
· User guide is included.


· The unregistered version restricts the encrypt strength to passwords of 7 characters (56 bits).

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