PC Police Professional Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A Higher Level Keylogger, Chat Logger and PC Spy
PC Police Professional is a complete secret keylogger, chat monitor, Internet tracker, file logger and program recorder for Microsoft (R) Windows (TM). It utilizes advanced and powerful features such as remote monitoring and action alerts.

The logged data is protected and encrypted for high security. The main program is password-protected.

The logs can be exported to 4 different file formats and printed in a friendly format.

PC Police is totally undetectable and unremovable. Only the person who installed it is able to remove it.

With PC Police Professional there is no need to be at the monitored computer to view the captured data. You can set it up so you view the activities performed on the computer almost instanteneously.

PC Police logs everything typed on the monitored computer including some special keys like TAB and BACKSPACE for clarity.

PC Police logs BOTH sides of chat and IM conversations plus the date/time, chat windows and computer users chatting. The supported chat clients are AOL IM (AIM), ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

PC Police records every Internet visit and opened folder path on the monitored computer. It gives the ability to review the visited websites and access the opened folders.

PC Police records every opened file of any type on the monitored computer by date/time and users. It gives the ability to immediately review the files.

PC Police logs every ran program on the monitored computer by date/time and user. It also records the window titles (names) opened by different ran or opened programs for better understanding of the user’s actions.

PC Police logs all copied text on the monitored computer from any program or document by date/time and user.

PC Police provides an easy and user-friendly way to view the recorded data from user actions. There is an easy mechanism for grouping,segmenting and sorting the data unavailable with other products.

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