PC Sentinel s Red Handed Record Instant Messages Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Monitoring & parental control software secretly records all Instant Messages
PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! is a handy aplication that will silently record and monitor all the instant messages!

Even novices think PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! is the easiest-to-use instant message recording software on the market- just install and PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! automatically records all AOL instant message conversations on your computer. No complicated setup or remembering arcane keystrokes.

PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! allows you to schedule instant message use, prohibit certain screen names from instant messaging your computer, and search messages. PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! may be hidden and even password protected at user discretion.

Log files can be sent to any networked computer so you never need direct access to the computer being monitored after the software is installed. At your option, all recording is done without notice to the computer user. If you are a busy parent or small-business owner who wants full-featured instant message recording software without having to take a course in network engineering, then PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! is for you.

PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! may be used to:
? Monitor and record instant message use while you are away
? Instant message recorder lets you find out what you actually wrote
? Limit instant message use
? Prevent certain screen names from contacting your computer
Here are some key features of “PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed: Record Instant Messages!”:

· Always recording, but not visible in Applications tab of Task Manager. May be removed from Windows Start Menu and Add-Remove Programs.
· Use parental controls to restrict instant message use
· Use parental controls to prevent certain screen names from instant messaging your computer
· Invisible unless you choose to alert user PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! is running
· PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! will secretly send log files to any networked computer
· Customizable Alert feature
· All log files are encrypted
· PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! may be password protected at user option
· Easy to deploy, once installed PC Sentinel’s Red-Handed! starts recording automatically


· Can’t view logs in the unregistered version
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Records AOL (not AIM Pro), Yahoo and MSN instant messages.
· Hide PC Sentinel’s RedHanded.Net from other users.
· Evades detection by most spyware software.
· Password protection prevents unauthorized uninstallation.
· PC Sentinel Alerts! New advanced Keyword Detection system.

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