PC Sentinel s Smoking Gun Keylogger and More Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A easy-to-use keylogger and monitor that records all activity on your PC
PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! is a useful software that can secretly record and monitor all keystrokes, web pages visited, takes periodic screen shots, provides parental controls, applications used, lets you send log files to remote computers and much m

Easy to use internet monitoring & parental control software effortlessly records all activity on the PC and helps protect children when they go online and surf the web – and can also be used to keep track of what employees are doing on company time or who a spouse is chatting with while you are not there.

Learn what they are looking at, where they go and even who they talk to! Secretly and automatically records Web Sites, Keystrokes, Apps Used and even takes Screen Shots so you see exactly what they see.

Alerts feature notifies you when certain keywords are typed, Surf Control prevents users from visiting inappropriate websites and the entire application can be password protected to prevent tampering and Smoking Gun! evades detection by most spyware detection software.

This incredibly powerful software runs automatically in the background and discretely records all activity on a PC whether on or off line.

No complicated setup or remembering arcane keystrokes. PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! may be hidden and even password protected at user discretion.

Log files can be sent to any networked computer so you never need direct access to the computer being monitored after the software is installed.

At your option, all monitoring is done without notice to the computer user. If you are a busy parent or small-business owner who wants full-featured keylogger and monitoring software without having to take a course in network engineering, then PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! is for you!
Here are some key features of “PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun: Keylogger and More!”:

· FREE Web Access!: View Log Files from any browser! Click on the Web Access menu item to set up your FREE account.
· Surf Control!: Control websites visited by user account on the computer by either a black list ( blocked sites ) or while list ( allowed sites ). From the Web Pages menu, select Parental Controls to enable controls.
· Hide SmokingGun.Net from other users: SmokingGun.Net is always recording, whether you have the application open or not. There is no entry in the applications tab of Task Manager.
· Also, by going to the File menu and selecting “Hide SmokingGun.Net…” you have the option of removing SmokingGun.Net from the Windows Start Menu, removing SmokingGun.Net from the Add/Remove Programs screen in the Windows Control Panel, and even hiding the folder containing SmokingGun.Net itself!
· PC Sentinel Alerts: One of the most powerful features of SmokingGun.Net is its advanced Keyword Detection system. Create a list of “on alert” words or phrases and SmokingGun.Net will continually monitor keyboard typing, URLs and web pages for these words or phrases.
· You tell SmokingGun.Net which phrases to watch out for – for example, “kitchen,” “are your parents home” – whatever you decide. When a keyword is detected, SmokingGun.Net records the keywords found, takes a picture of whatever is on the computer screen at that moment and stores the results in a special Alert log file. To view PC Sentinel Alerts simply click the “View Alerts” button at the top of the screen.
· Password Protection: At your option, SmokingGun.Net will prevent unauthorized users from reading logs and/or changing settings by requiring a password to open the application. Click the File menu, choose Settings, enter password in the form that appears.
· Manage Log Files: SmokingGun.Net lets you save, print, and delete log files. Click on the File menu and choose the appropriate action.
· Show warning to users at startup: At your option, SmokingGun.Net will notify users SmokingGun.Net is installed on computer startup. Click the File menu, choose Settings, check the “Warn users at startup actions will be recorded” box.
· Copy log files to networked location: SmokingGun.Net lets you copy log files to any networked computer – you do not have to physically go to a computer with SmokingGun.Net installed to view log files from that computer.
· Screen Shots: Screen shots can be scheduled and viewed as a slide show. Click on the Screen Shots menu item or the “View Screen Shots” button.
· Keystroke Log: Keystroke logs are organized by the window typed into. Click on the “View Keystrokes” button.
· Clipboard Spy: Records all text and images pasted into the clipboard, including pornography. Click on the “Clipboard Spy” button.
· Application Usage Log: Application usage logs are organized by application name, when the application started and when it closed. Click on the “View Application Usage” button


· 64Mb of RAM


· 30 days trial
· Portions of logs not viewable.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· various bug fixes included

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